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Pearl High School welcomes incoming coach Brian Jones as the head coach for the Pirate Baseball Team.  Jones comes to Pearl from Starkville High School.  Prior to his time at Starkville, he was the Head Coach at  Neshoba Central beginning in 2000. Jones began his coaching stint at Neshoba in 1996 as an assistant baseball and softball coach. He earned over 200 wins at Neshoba as head coach.  Jones has over 18 years of teaching and coaching experience.

Coach Jones describes himself as a small-ball offensive coach who believes in keeping pressure on opposing defenses with active runners and situational bunting. "Pitching and defenses are first, but if you don't like small ball, you probably won't like watching our games." Jones said jokingly.  "With 16 to 18 year olds, we want to keep pressure on them to make quick decisions.  With the bat transition, I think that's played into the  way I like playing the game.

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